[fpc-pascal] Metaware

Mark Wood mark at timeandmotion.com.au
Tue Jun 19 09:53:04 CEST 2007

>> I have found that there are some functional differences that Metaware has over
>> fpc, one example is the yield() function which returns the intermediate result
>> of a function call.
> ?
'?' indeed! I am fascinated! What does yield do exactly... presumably it 
returns a result from the function without closing down that instance of 
the function? Amazing concept. I am still trying to work out how that 
could be useful or even how it could be used (without breaking stuff 

There are several preprocessory type contraptions that suit Pascal 
directly or could handle it at the least. Why not use one of those to 
try adjusting code. We do that sort of stuff a fair bit (although mainly 
with code from other -non-pascalian languages). Or how about even 
beating the code into a more pascally form using Perl, or even something 
as basic as the Boxer text editor? (laborious job though, of course)

Interesting stuff.

By the way, I agree about the merits of converting code from old or 
foreign repositories. There is some great code out there and it is 
useful to reclaim it by porting it across. We often get unexpected 
spinoff stuff out of that process. At the moment we are working on 
setting up a website offering most of this stuff back to the community.

Hmmm... if there is anything useful in your work (not the proprietary 
code from the developer, I mean in the conversion work) perhaps if you 
share that as a project on sourceforge or similar, others will help you 
develop the conversion. You would have to work out the benefit though 
(be it producing a conversion tool, or a library, or whatever).


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