[fpc-pascal] Lazarus/FreePascal Books & Tutorials?

Catalin Zamfir Alexandru catalin.zamfir at theg33ks.com
Mon Jun 18 17:28:54 CEST 2007

	Well, I know my Turbo Pascal and when I first started using FreePascal I was 
like: "WOW, this shit rocks!". Enough fun already, I'm interested in learning 
more about :

- FreePascal
- Lazarus [I've been reading a 3042 page Delphi compilation just to understand 
how to work with Lazarus and I've made some progress, but still].

	Can you guys point me to some ebooks, preferably free ones that talk about 
FreePascal and/or Lazarus in detail, either books oriented for newbies or 
books on advanced topics. Any info is best.

	I want to learn more, but need more info. Where can I find that? :)
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