[fpc-pascal] Re: Question about some units

L L at z505.com
Mon Jun 18 07:01:29 CEST 2007

Test writes:
> I have a source file (test.pp)  that uses some units. Where can I get
> those units? If you didn't notice, I am a newbie :)
> I tried to compile but it obviously drops an error.
> uses
>   cgiapp, unix, unixutils, classes, inifiles

FPC compiler comes with compiled .a/.ppu/.o files that should be on your computer system inside a
directory such as /i386-linux/units/

You could run the program called "updatedb" then run "locate file.ppu". The files such as cgiapp.ppu
and unixutils.ppu should be found. If they are not on your system you may have to download or
install FPC again and install more items like FCL (it is optional). If your hard drive is big, you
may not want to run "updatedb" as it may take ages, use another find program or gui file manager to
find the files.

Usually the sources to these units are located in the FCL/RTL directories of your FPC compiler in
subdirectories.. but you should not compile from the sources unless neccessary.


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