[fpc-pascal] Mac losing Carbon support in 64bit Leopard

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Fri Jun 15 17:14:49 CEST 2007

On 15 jun 2007, at 17:00, memsom wrote:

> Rumour has it that the Mac OS X 10.5 will not have 64bit Carbon  
> support
> under Intel.

It's not just a rumour, and it's not Intel-only. Several parts of  
Carbon will not be 64 bit under Mac OS X 10.5. See the "64-bit  
Carbon" and "Is Carbon Viable?" threads at

(and on the following pages)

In particular the messages from Eric Schlegel (he's from Apple), e.g.

> That means that Intel based Carbon based apps will only ever
> be 32bit and that if 32bit support is ever withdrawn (likely?)  
> Carbon will
> be gone.

Nobody can say how likely that is. It definitely won't happen in the  
near future, since there are a lot of Carbon apps out there.

> I know that the FPC GUI ports under Mac OS X tend to use Carbon....  
> anyone
> heard any definite reports on this? I know OS News has one, but  
> that is
> allegedly still hear-say. Is it even possible/practical to use  
> Cocoa to
> build a GUI and then use Pascal code to do the logic?

Yes, it is (just as practical to do the logic in C or C++).


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