[fpc-pascal] PASCAL programming for Novice

Leonardo M. Ram� martinrame at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 17:05:18 CEST 2007

Are you trying to create a Peer-To-Peer architecture?, something like Windows Messenger?.

I don't know how to implement that type of architecture, you can do a simple google search to find
examples, but since it uses socket communications you can implement it using lNet or Synapse
libraries with FreePascal.

Leonardo M. Ramé

--- Rick Seiden <rick at seidenmail.com> wrote:

> Any tutorials out there on using Event Driven programming with Free Pascal?
> I'm hoping to create a server/client combo that will need to respond to 
> both input from the client part, and input from the server part
>            my server/client combo app
>           +--------------------------+
> User ---> | server part-->client part| --> another server
>           +--------------------------+
> So, when my user talks to my server, I need to be able to respond, and 
> when the other server talks to my client, I need to be able to respond.
> Anyway, just a simple event driven programming tutorial using some 
> version of Pascal will probably help.
> Thanks

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