[fpc-pascal] Web Service Toolkit - Questions

Johann Glaser Johann.Glaser at gmx.at
Thu Jun 7 14:14:11 CEST 2007


> > Studying the WST Wiki page
> > http://wiki.freepascal.org/Web_Service_Toolkit I found that it seems not
> > to be possible to serialize records. What is the difficulty implementing
> > that?
> None, I suppose, except that you must parse it :-)

I see. Are there any problems in the transport, i.e. does e.g. SOAP
support structured data?

> > How can I transport a record between two programs? I'd like to have the
> > same memory footprint (because it is forwarded to an USB device), so it
> > would be possible to pseudo-serialize the record into some byte stream
> > before transport.
> You could convert your record to a class and transport that. The class
> is only needed in the transportation step, the rest of the code does not
> need to see it.

Do I have to put every record field as a member variable of the class or
is it enough to have one member variable of my record type?

> I think WST would greatly benefit from switching to pparser in the FCL.
> It would put all types available.

Do you think of the ws_helper program to parse a Pascal interface?


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