[fpc-pascal] FPC only 32 bits?

Pete Cervasio cervasio at airmail.net
Thu Jun 7 02:32:06 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 06 June 2007 18:26:15 Francisco Reyes wrote:
> Henry Vermaak writes:
> >  also make sure that the compiler can find
> > your binutils (put it on the path).
> I don't see a directory by that name. Is the directory called something
> other than binutils?

I don't think I can help with the rest of your cross-compiling adventure, but 
maybe I can help with an brief explanation of binutils.  The binutils package 
is the set of GNU "binary utilities".  This includes the assembler (as), 
linker (ld) and other utilities for working with binary program files.  In 
order to make files that will run on 64 bit freebsd, you'll want to find (or 
build) a binutils package that works with binaries for 64 bit freebsd.

I hope this is helpful.

Best regards,
Pete C.

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