[fpc-pascal] DLL WIN64: Entry point not found

Luc Vigato, Sita Software l.vigato at sitasoftware.lu
Tue Jul 17 18:04:14 CEST 2007


I have compiled a DLL under Win64. It's a UDF-library for Firbird 2.1.
Under Linux 64bit all things are working, only in WIN64 not.

The problem is that Firebird says that he cannot find the Entry Point of
each of my functions.
It's not a Firebird problem, i have made a test application who calls the
function from the DLL and i have the same error "entry point not found".

Calling convention is: cdecl

Can someone help me please ?

These is my command line to compile the library.

fpc -S2 -Sh -dFREE_IT -Fu../Units SitaUdfLib.dpr

Output of fpc
Free Pascal Compiler version 2.1.5 [2007/05/31] for x86_64
Copyright (c) 1993-2007 by Florian Klaempfl
Target OS: Win64 for x64
Compiling SitaUdfLib.dpr
Compiling UnitFonctionUdfString.pas
Linking SitaUdfLib.dll
977 lines compiled, 0.5 sec, 635888 bytes code, 312064 bytes data
1 note(s) issued

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