[fpc-pascal] Master Detail relationship in SQLdb

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Sun Jul 15 13:06:30 CEST 2007

On Sun, 2007-07-15 at 07:24 +0200, Martin Schreiber wrote:
> I needed to use my own TField descendants because I can not modify
> db.pp .

Huh? Why can't you? You did change bufdataset and sqldb. Which are also
part of the same db-package?

Also for Delphi that's not a problem.

There's no difference between changing db and changing the parts you

And there should never be a need to change them, if they are designed
well. That holds for the db unit and the rest of fcl-db. And if you find
something that is impossible using the fcl-db package, you should
mention that and we can look how we can fix fcl-db so that it can do
what you want.

The db-unit, and in fpc the whole fcl-db package is mean to be a general
interface to all sorts of applications...

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  Joost van der Sluis
  CNOC Informatiesystemen en Netwerken

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