[fpc-pascal] IDE blows up itself

Tiziano_mk tizzziano at tiscali.it
Fri Jul 13 09:15:09 CEST 2007

Arjan van Dijk wrote:
> Hi!
> I had problems debugging my program under the last official IDE/Freepascal
> for Windows,
> so I just installed the release candidate that is bound to become official
> in 2 months.
> My problem still stands: during my debug session the whole IDE simply
> disappears!
> I narrowed down the problem to just 1 page of code, which I provide below
> (and an
> ASCII datafile, which I don't include here, but which you can get via
> e-mail).
> I had a break on the call "ProcessOneMonth(Toa,Roa,Bool1);" in the main
> program.
> Trying to step into this procedure with F7 triggers the problem.
> When I just run the program without stepping, there is no problem!
> What can be the cause/solution?
> Anyone interested in the datafile of 171 K is welcome to ask for it!
> Regards,
> Arjan

This happens to me if I am stepping in any program with the disassembly 
window opened ( Debug|Disassembly ).

But, if I have set some breakpoint, I receive these errors before quitting:

"Program generated a RTE 35 at address $0081D471. Save your sources and 
restart the IDE."

"The IDE generated an internal error and will now be closed."

No problem if I have other debug windows opened (Registers, Floating 
Point Unit or Vector Unit).


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