[fpc-pascal] DateToStr in arm does not work!

josepascual josepascual at almudi.com
Wed Jul 4 10:19:26 CEST 2007

> > I have downloaded svn version 7943 how can I donwload svn 7929?
> >
> > How are you build fpc for arm? make clean crossall CPU_TARGET=arm
> > OS_TARGET=linux ....?
> > Which version of binutils do you have? (eabi?)
> > Is SOFTFLOAT in freepascal the equivalent to EABI in c?
> >
> soft float just means that the compiler needs to emulate the floating
> point unit if it doesn't exist in your hardware (like some arm
> processors).  if you have an fpu, then you don't have to worry about
> soft float.  the following assumes that you need soft float in you
> compiler.
> passing OPT='-CfSOFT' doesn't work anymore, so you have to edit your
> Makefile.fpc and look for the line BUILDOPTS=...  add your extra
> options there (i usually add OPT='-gl -CfSOFT').  then you will have
> to go fpcmake -rTall.
> then you can do make clean crossall with the usual suspects passed to
> use the binutils that came with your device, or use something that
> someone else used successfully.
> make crossinstall still fails towards the end, but that's o.k.  your
> cross compiler will be there and ready to use.
> sorry if i'm making any mistakes here, it's off the top of my head.  i
> haven't got my build machine here...

Hi henry et all,

I have a little confused, Could you or someone help me with some question?

I have a ARM920T (without fpu, kernel OABI) . 
Which version of gcc are you using 3.4.1? 4.1.2?
Which libc version? (2.3.2 2.3.6)
Is your gcc for EABI?
Have you used same crosstools to generate fpc 2.3.1 libraries and to
compiling your final freepascal programs?
Can I Use a FPC for ARM (cross or not) with softfloat option for arm kernel
EABI and not EABI (OABI)?
What Freepascal only use from ARM binutils? (as, ld, ar, ranlib, ... Whats
()? (gcc is not necesary,  is it?)

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