[fpc-pascal] arm big endian questions and info

Henry Vermaak henry.vermaak at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 14:02:24 CET 2007

hi all

i managed to build a ppcarm (msb) over the last couple of days.  there
were a couple of problems, most problematic of which were that the
compiler (ppccrossarm at that stage) seemed to go into a weird "state"
when trying to compile the gtk and gtk2 packages (can't remember
specific files now).  running top showed that it appeared to be
working, but it never finished (given 10 or 20 minutes), so had to be
aborted.  i just hacked the makefile to exclude those packages, since
i don't need them anyway.  this is just for info, really.  i used fpc
2.0.4 and i guess i really should've used latest svn.

demo programs and such worked well, i could link to my shared libs
that were built with gcc and everything goes well until i try some
floating point math - at which point it hangs.  the arm processor that
i'm using doesn't have an fpu and i had to use a libgcc emulation when
i built my shared libs with gcc, so i guess i need to do the same
thing with ppcarm (i noticed the -Cf<xx> option).

will i need to re-build my ppcarm and the units to use libgcc floating
point emulation?  if so, how would i do that?  (a simple
OPT="-CfLIBGCC" doesn't work on the make command line, since it tries
to pass it to ppc386 which doesn't support that option).  if i just
compile my program with -CfLIBGCC then it comes up with "Fatal:
Internal error 200308251".

also, is the "SOFT" option complete in latest fpc?  this would
probably save me lots of trouble.

many thanks


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