[fpc-pascal] Advantages of Pascal

Patrick Leslie Polzer leslie.polzer at gmx.net
Tue Feb 20 19:46:01 CET 2007

Dear FreePascal adepts,

  when I was younger (about seven years ago), I wrote several programs
in Borland's Turbo Pascal version 7 (IIRC).

  I then learned C and haven't looked much at Pascal ever since.
However, I'm still fond of Pascal's clear syntax, so I would like
to know more about its advantages.

  I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions,
loosely based on the "Advantages" section of the FreePascal homepage.

  1) "No Makefiles"
     ...and yet you ship a Makefile generator with FPC.  Why?

  2) "Pascal compilers are Fast with a big F [...]"
     Why is that?

  3) "Great integration with assembler"
     Is being able to use Assembler easily inline really that much
     better as opposed to having the code in separate object files?

  4) "Smartlinking"
     Ah, I think you can have that one in C with some obscure linker
     flags, too.

  5) Why use Pascal instead of Ada?

  6) Can I have run-time range checking of arrays/strings and *still*
     use functions that accept arrays of any length?

  Thank you so much in advance for helping me.


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