[fpc-pascal] Commercial components port taskforce

Marc PERTRON marc.pub at finistware.com
Sat Feb 17 23:20:39 CET 2007

Hi everyone,
Today, for me) one of the biggest problem to use Lazarus and FPC in 
commercial application is the lack of visual components.
Of course, i didn't have enough spare time to port the one i need.
I asked the TMS Component team if a port to FP was possible.
The answer is yes, at some conditions (native support of Qt for Mac OS, 
better component support for Lazarus)
We should have a team to ask our favorite developers to port the 
component we love in Delphi to FP.
A good report tool (even if one free is on way) should be good too.
For Point Of Sales use and things like that, an OPOS port would be great.
I think that it would improve FP/Lazarus (to code their component they 
can help to improve FP), and make it more popular.
Also, it would allow me to switch most of my clients to Linux ;)
I'm thinking about a page on the Lazarus wiki, please tell me if someone 
is already working on it or if you had better ideas !

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