[fpc-pascal] Windows-->Linux library

Michel Meunier michel.meunier100 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 14 12:11:04 CET 2007

Leducq Dominique a écrit :
> Le Mercredi 14 Février 2007 09:19, Michel Meunier a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> With your help, my initial library .dll writen with Delphi, is now
>> working at about 95% when compiled with fpc. Now my goal is to get a .so
>> library under Linux. So I have begun to compile it under linux.
>> There are a lot of hints but not important, but after I have this message:
>> Error: Util -as not found, switching to external linking
>> Was does it mean?
> Have you the binutils package installed ?
>> Also a strange thing, to launch lazarus, I have to use this command:
>> sudo /usr/share/startlazarus, there is nothing in the /usr/bin
>> directorie. I have installed Lazarus and FPC with .deb files in my
>> Kubuntu. But it's not an important problem, the main problem is my
>> unhability to compile my library.
>> Best regards
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Thanks for your help. In fact as the project had been save under 
windows, the compile options were for Windows. So the compilation begins 
very well.Now I have a lot of problem because the library open a socket 
and establish a link with the UDP standard. The fonctions use to manage 
sockets under Linux and Windows are different. So I have to add 
directive of compilation to work under windows or linux. A lot of work.

Michel Meunier


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