[fpc-pascal] FPC for SCO Unix

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Tue Feb 6 10:06:52 CET 2007

Daaave schrieb:
> We're presently using an *old* (DOS) Pascal compiler on SCO Unix. 
> Unfortunately, we've reached the end of the usable life of this compiler. 
> The replacement we've provisionally chosen is FPC.
> I've been using the Windows version of the IDE and compiler to convert my
> source files, and am quite pleased with the results.
> However -- Am I correct in my understanding that I need the FPC compiler to
> compile the FPC compiler?  If so, how far back to I have to go version-wise
> to get a compiler that doesn't require the FPC compiler to compile?  

This won't help you. The problem is that neither the compiler nor the runtime
know about SCO Unix. If you'd a compiler and rtl supporting SCO unix, you could
easily cross compile from windows or linux or whatever. This is also the way how
new targets are added: first, the compiler gets support to target the new OS.
This compiler is a cross compiler e.g. linux -> sco. Then the rtl gets support
for the new OS. Using the cross compiler this rtl is compiled. Now the cross
compiler and the cross compiled rtl can be used to build a native compiler.

> As no
> SCO install is available (and I understand why), I'm kinda between the rock
> and the hard place.
> Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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