[fpc-pascal] Question on how to avoid memory trouble

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Shucks everybody...

I think that its great that the hornet's nest that I stirred up might
mean that a new unit of container classes gets written.  I didn't think
that my seemingly simple problem would create such a cascade of
interest.  Lists are catalysts for invention!

My trouble remains that I seem unable to devise or use canned routines
to get the names of all the files on my drive.  Just writing them out to
con: in a console application would be acceptable to me to get me
started.  TurboPower's technique in their SysTools seemed simple enough
but I seem to have created a monster.

Does somebody have something in source that they'd share with this poor
guy, please?

Stu Cox

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>The error is not from a lack of stack space, either.  The error is 
>EOutOfMemory that indicates a less easily solved problem.

>Can anyone recommend a method to search a whole drive, of arbitrary 
>size, without running out of memory.

>Stu Cox

This is exactly the kind of thing my string class works great with. 

It's a dynamic double linked list - and the way its set up - there are
three versions - the simple tracks just pointers, the next has name,
value and Description ansistrings and I make pretty huge lists with it,
and it has Append, insert, findfirst, findnext, etc. I have an
unofficial release on www.jegas.org and you need to use the compile
switch that allows += construct.

Fpc -Sc  yourprogram.pas   

Worth a shot.

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