[fpc-pascal] CSV

Antal antal at componente.net
Sun Feb 4 13:37:26 CET 2007

> For example: if you want that the csv string 'aaaa;bb bb;cccc' becomes a
> TStrings with 3 items (aaaa, bb bb and  cccc), is necessary to transform
> 'aaaa;bb bb;cccc' into 'aaaa;"bb bb";cccc'
> But to do this in a generic way, without knowing if determined value has
> space than you have to parse each item of the csv, check if has space
> and then quote. But in this case is better to add the string directly
> through add method.
I'm also using CSV handling in my programs, and I do it in the following 
way, since I also have these problems:
* I use not ";" separator, but TAB (#9) separator, which is somehow the 
same, though it is very common to have texts containing ";" or other 
special characters like " or blank-space, which can be messy in the real 
";" separated tables.
* I'm reading the file as 'File of char', which anyway permit a better 
parsing, but it's a real slow solution, it takes a lot to process a file 
of char, byte by byte.
If useful, I can share the codes with you, but I'm not really satisfied 
with this solution neither.

Are there any other solutions available for this?
Or how to speed up reading and processing the raw file?

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