[fpc-pascal] MPICH on Pascal

Lourival Mendes mendes.lourival at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 13:11:05 CET 2007

   Hy everybody,

   I posted here some time ago some concerns about the MPICH on
Pascal. I do remember that we had some discussion about this topic and
now I'm getting back again.

  On the http://wiki.freepascal.org/MPICH there is an note on the MPI
binding for fpc/lazarus

"Get/Compile the MPI bindings for Free Pascal / Lazarus
Download the MPICH bindings as lazarus package from [1]

Extract the zip file, use IDE / components / open package file (.lpk)
to open the mpich2.lpk file and compile the package."

   If we get into the site there is a Lazarus Code and Component
Repository which is the mpich2-1.0.tgz added on (2007-11-09 05:36)

   Unpacking the file we get only one file named mpich2-1.0 and there
is no mpich2.lpk that should be the lazarus package.

   Does somebody know something about it?


Lourival J. Mendes Neto

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