[fpc-pascal] cross compiling enigma

Sam Liddicott sam at liddicott.com
Sat Dec 8 09:16:38 CET 2007

* Marco van de Voort wrote, On 07/12/07 08:20:
>> I'm modifying the lazarus packaging scripts to make building debs of 
>> lazarus, fpc and cross-fpc variants simpler than it is. (Cross is not 
>> simple right now)
>> I've read the buildfaq (thanks Marco) and various fpc build scripts but 
>> am still puzzled in this respect:
>> Why does:
>> $ cd fpc
>> $make clean all OS_TARGET=win32  FPC=/usr/bin/ppc386
>> make:
>> ./compiler/ppc386.exe
>> I thought I was building a cross-compiler, not cross-compiling one - or 
>> is it a side effect of building the rtl etc?
> The thing you are missing (read buildfaq better :-) is that FPC doesn't have
> to be cross for platforms on the same architecture.

I used 386-win32 for testing the script because FPC-SVN won't compile
for arm-wince - I'll try a ppc build for the test then.

So... because the makefile knew it was compiling for the same
architecture it decided that I wasn't building an fpc cross compiler but
cross building an fpc compiler? That's a bit unexpectedly clever...

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