[fpc-pascal] can we have fpc's doc in chm format?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Thu Dec 6 11:14:27 CET 2007

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Marco van de Voort wrote:

> > > Agree. However, I was finally able to finish this job last night. It 
> > > took me about 6 hours to re-arrange the index files, manually. For 
> > > everyone who is interested, fpc docs in chm format can be downloaded at:
> > > http://www.esnips.com/doc/04496e39-6105-423d-b571-b0766990b060/fpc-2.2.0-docs 
> > > (5.8 MB compressed)
> > 
> > Can we provide this file on fpc's doc ftp?
> I tried it, and a bit strange was the fact that when opened from a network
> drive, the treeview loaded, but all the content was IE's page not found
> page.

A known security issue of M$.

Go figure...


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