[fpc-pascal] Help getting started with FPC

Ingemar Ragnemalm ingemar at ragnemalm.se
Sat Dec 1 08:19:49 CET 2007

Jonas Maebe wrote:
> If you want something more akin to Think Pascal, you may want to try  
> LWP, which is available here:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/lightweight-ide

Thanks, Jonas! I think that is what Edward needs. BTW, the latest 
version is at


It is much harder to upload to SourceForge, so I can't always do that.

Edward Kearns <kearnser at gmail.com> wrote:

> I did try LWP, and when I opened New Skel, and Compiled, and Ran, all  
> I got were error message.

Then I must guess that you either have problems with the paths (strange 
characters that mess up the command lines) or something is not installed 
properly. What does the "about" box look like? It should tell what 
compilers are installed.

> Here's what I wrote:
> Program HelloWorld;
> begin
> print "hello"
> end.
> and I'm told
> No main program found. Can not build.

I took that code, created a new document in LWP, saved as "HW.pas", 
fixed the "print" line
to WriteLn('hello');, hit cmd-R. It runs just fine.

> What extension do I need on it?

.p, .pas, .P, .PAS, .dpr should all work in recent versions.

Let me ask:

- Is Free Pascal installed? For the target you use? (If you use an Intel 
Mac, you need to change target to "Intel" unless the PPC compiler is 
- Is GCC installed? (Comes with Xcode, I don't know if you can download 
it separately somewhere. AFAIK FPC needs GCC for linking.)

I am sure this can be solved pretty easily. In all my tests, LWP runs 
nicely as long as FPC is installed. I will gladly fix any beginner traps 
you find.


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