[fpc-pascal] New user questions

Cosmin Prund cosmin.prund at adicomsoft.ro
Tue Apr 17 11:45:54 CEST 2007

Thanks for your answers Daniel, and sorry for the non-standard quoting,
I'm fighting Outlook here! Scary business!

>> (1)    What do you recommend for managing an project? I started
>> changes in the FP IDE using the menu-selects, but that doesn't seem 
>> like a very portable solution. I do not expect my work to be
>> enough for others to want it (and need to compile it) but I might
>> to move my thing over to a different computer. I see no "project"
menu in FP...
>The FP IDE does not use project files because it considers an IDE
directory a project. You place files of a project in a directory, and if
necessary, >subdirectories, then start the IDE. It asks if you want to
put a config file in the directory, answer with yes.
>All configuration changes to the IDE will then then be saved to fp.ini
and fp.cfg, which you can distrubute with your project.

Ok, this project concept will work.

I have an issue with putting files into subdirectories those. I tried
using the Synapse library for my socket programming tests, and I placed
the source files in a "Lib" subdirectory. How do I get the compiler to
properly see those files? I fiddled around with the settings in the IDE
and managed to get the files compiling, so the compiler saw them, but
once I did that I failed to see some of the standard libraries so I must
have done it the wrong way. In the Delphi IDE this can happen if I
change the library search path without keeping the original bits and
pieces, I suppose there's some trick like this in the FP IDE also, but
I've seen no default search path to leave untouched...

Cosmin Prund

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