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Cosmin Prund cosmin.prund at adicomsoft.ro
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I've got some experience with Delphi and now I'm trying to get something
going with Free Pascal and Linux. Specifically I'm trying to write an
"FastAGI for Asterisk" - that's a TCP/IP server that extends the
Asterisk PBX in just the same way an FastCGI extends an web browser. I'm
trying to do this using the Synapse library as that one seems to work on
both Windows and Linux.


So far I've managed to install the FPC on my Linux machine, I've got to
the "fp" IDE and managed to write my first "hello world" application.
Also made a small test using TThread, just to make sure I'm on the right
track and it also worked.


Next I tried using bits and pieces of the Synapses library, and all hell
broke loose. It's not finding some libraries. I tried adding them to the
"Directory search path" by hand (in the FP IDE), with mixed success.
Some worked, one doesn't: for some raison it can't find a unit called
"pthreads". My test application used a unit called "CThreads" as the
threading driver...


So I've got a few questions for you FPC+Linux gurus out there, maybe you
can point me in the right direction:


(1)    What do you recommend for managing an project? I started making
changes in the FP IDE using the menu-selects, but that doesn't seem like
a very portable solution. I do not expect my work to be important enough
for others to want it (and need to compile it) but I might need to move
my thing over to a different computer. I see no "project" menu in FP...

(2)    Is FP the only available IDE for FPC that works in the console
(i.e: may be used remotely over SSH)? I know there's Lazarus, and I've
installed it, but that's a graphical tool and that's overkill for my
needs (overkill for my network too!)

(3)    Is there an "getting started" document out there that talks about
project management?

(4)    What do I need to do to be able to debug? You know... step into,
step over, place a brakepoint...




Cosmin Prund


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