[fpc-pascal] FP-IDE FPC204 and Ubuntu 6.06

Tiziano_mk tizzziano at tiscali.it
Fri Apr 6 09:58:14 CEST 2007

Daniƫl Mantione wrote:
> Op Wed, 4 Apr 2007, schreef Tiziano_mk:
>> maibe I make something wrong, but if I install FPC2.0.4 on Ubuntu 6.06 the
>> FP-IDE responds randomly to the mouse commands (all menus and keyboard
>> commands are working).
>> any suggestion to resolve it?
> Can you check if Debian bug 412927 applies in your situation?

In synaptic I find libgpmg1 reported as,
installed: libgpm.so.1.19.6

I'm not a linux guru, but it seems that this is the case.

So I'm going to realize:
a) that it's really a bug due to the OS, not to FPC;
b) that there is actually no solution (neither trying to recompile);
c) If I want to use fp or Free Vision Apps I have to use FPC2.0.2;
d) Chances for a remedy have to come from debian developers;

is this correct?

thanks a lot!

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