[fpc-pascal] writing device driver using FPC

Marc Pertron marc.pub at finistware.com
Thu Apr 5 13:01:44 CEST 2007

Bisma Jayadi a écrit :
>> What kind of windows driver? First choose that. There are lot´s and
>> lot´s of types of windows drivers.
> Device driver for a custom hardware connected through USB port.
Ok, this will depend on the chip you used on your device for USB.
Most of the chips comes with a SDK and drivers, so it's as simple as a 
DLL use.
Of course, some chips have better SDK than others.
>> I´ve already seen a framework to write VXD drivers using Delphi, but
>> that will be of no use if you don´t want a VxD but another type of
>> driver.
> This is my first time writing a device driver, so I don't really 
> understand what are the differences between .vxd and .sys driver type. 
> Most important is, I want to write it using pascal language and avoid 
> as much as possible to use C. I think I need to learn more about this 
> and come back here later with more precise questions.
vxd were the virtual device drivers for windows up to 98/Me. Since 2000 
and XP, it's not working anymore.
Most of the blue screens in these times were bad VxD ;o)

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