Re[2]: [fpc-pascal] Win32 Build Errors

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at
Fri Sep 22 13:33:07 CEST 2006

> > Does this mean we can't do snapshot on win32? Is there a fix planned? Eg
> > couldn't we write a fpc version of cp - guess this would only be a few
> > lines or is it more complicated than this?
> This situation is there already for years.

If I get it right, one is supposed to have CYGWIN for win32 anyway: FP IDE absolutely doesn't run without it (it's bad, because, for example, running two applications using different CYGWIN libraries simultaneously makes fail at least one of them and so on). CYGWIN includes these UNIX style thingies (pwd.exe, cp.exe etc.). So that's it (if CYGWIN binaries directory is in the search path).

I compile 2.1.x with this batch file:

cd \fpc
ren lastd _lastd   // compiled compiler, previous build
ren tmpsrc _tmpsrc // exported sources of the previous build

cd fpcSVN          // local repository
svn update                  // updating repository
svn export . d:\fpc\tmpsrc  // exporting sources, if I mess with local repository, I run "svn cleanup" to remove junk

cd ..\tmpsrc  // exported sources, first make will produce (not so) junk here
d:\fpc\2.0.4.rc2\bin\i386-win32\make clean all FPC=d:\fpc\2.0.4.rc2\bin\i386-win32\ppc386.exe
  // running some other make may be bad, and I still use 2.0.4rc2 for no reason, 
d:\fpc\2.0.4.rc2\bin\i386-win32\make install INSTALL_PREFIX=d:/fpc/lastd FPC=d:\fpc\tmpsrc\compiler\ppc386.exe
  // now there must be all native FPC files in d:\fpc\lastd\ (and FP IDE won't run without some tuning)

And "make" uses d:\cygwin\bin\ utilities heavily.

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