[fpc-pascal] TThreads - COOL!!!

Jason P Sage jasonpsage at jegas.org
Wed Sep 20 05:29:53 CEST 2006

Hey - pardon my gloating in complete utter satisfaction - but I AM now the
happy owner of an Excellent working server cross "multiplexer and
multi-threading" by using TThreads.

It finally clicked on WHY my TThreads were appearing to run SERIAL (Async
right? Nomenclature...).

Someone responded how operating Sleep, Yield, Sched_yield type routines
don't suspend your app - they give up the cpu to the operating system for
whatever THREAD calls it... this was ground breaking when it finally came
together - Response time of the Server? So Far? Pretty Nice!

Jason P Sage 

I think its important to share the successes as well as the pitfalls and
"how to's" :) Have a great day all... Free Pascal Rocks.

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