[fpc-pascal] Please Help - Need ONE HINT - Trying to get

Micha Nelissen micha at neli.hopto.org
Sat Sep 16 17:28:11 CEST 2006

Jason P Sage wrote:
> I was trying to avoid sysutils sleep(0) in linux platform due to the size of
> sysutils. The fact I don't know how to make dynamic linking work on linux
> yet - (use shared libs versus static) makes my exe's bigger than I would
> like. In most of my applications, size isn't an issue - but in one in
> particular - it is everything. Using shared linking in linux, which I think

It's better to help us increase effectiveness of smart linking ;-).

> timeslice, which was my impression. I THINK that sleep refers to releasing
> or yielding your entire application to other tasks the operating system is
> handling. Which means its use should be minimal, and strategic - like when
> you application true "should" release the CPU a bit... or is "truly" idle.

I think Sleep is per-thread, not sure though. Anyway, you should never
need Sleep; instead you should use mutexes or similar techniques to
sleep until you need to wake up for calculation or whatever.

> You see I have been playing with TThread - and I noticed that the most
> currently launched thread is the one who stays running - and everything else
> in my app stops until it finishes. This leads me to believe I am responsible

How did you arrive at this conclusion ? It should not be so, the OS will
do the scheduling for you, all threads will get their timeslice.

> or some sort of mechanism. I believe TThread.Syncronize and possibly TThread
> Critical Section are going to be my next area of experimentation.

Critical sections are a sort of mutex indeed, about which I was talking

> Along this lines I have changed the entire "main loop" architecture of my
> bigger THREADING application - to work similar to how Lazarus makes its
> executables or how a windows program works in win32 - I've built a messaging
> system - that is a COMMON construct throughout all my classes, so that they
> can ALL communicate in a context-less way to the main program - allowing the
> main program to respond by suspending, resuming, terminating... etc any/all
> of the working threads as it deems correct.

Sounds like a good architecture.


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