[fpc-pascal] Please Help - Need ONE HINT - Trying to get something like sched_yield with free pascal in linux

Jason Sage me at jasonsage.com
Fri Sep 15 07:04:37 CEST 2006

Hi all - and thanks to who ever can respond in advance.


I have a Server Like App - I need the equivalent of sched_yield



I looked in oldlinux unit, and tried the syscallregs , I tried to use the
time structure with it and the syscall_nr_sched_yield (=158) parameter.


The problem is - in my main process's loop - it never givers up the CPU -
now the really sad thing is in win32 I'm getting much better response using
the sleep system call - just a few milliseconds is all I need, just to allow
other things the OS and other spawned threads might want to get done also.


I was thinking there might be something to signals - but I don't understand
them yet.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jason P Sage



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