[fpc-pascal] Caching a big file on memory

Eduardo nec556 at retena.com
Mon Sep 11 18:44:14 CEST 2006

At 18:30 11/09/2006, Jonas wrote:

>On 11 Sep 2006, at 18:09, Eduardo wrote:
>>         I have a little problem, i participe in the 'Large Compression
>>Benchmark' (http://cs.fit.edu/~mmahoney/compression/text.html) and
>>need to cache the whole enwik8 file (100MB) on memory but when i
>>try to  allocate space for it i get a compiler error, saying that
>>maximum is 64MB (67108864). I tried to use $MEMORY
>>200000000,500000000 (200MB stack and 500MB heap) and the compiler
>>switches, but no success.
>How are you trying to allocate the memory, and for which target
>operating system are you compiling?

Oppsss, sorry, I have tried to allocate using pointer, direct array 
var and pointer to type array

     p : pointer of byte;
     GetMem(p,100000000); //100 MB
     a : array[1..100000000] of byte; //100MB
     a = array[1..100000000] of byte; //100MB
     pa = ^a;
     p : pa;

Also tried changing 100M of byte with 25M of cardinal but got the same error.

Operating system is  WinXP SP2. AthlonXP 2000+ and 1.25 GBRam 

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