[fpc-pascal] 16bit String

Antal antal at componente.net
Fri Sep 8 15:21:45 CEST 2006

I was thingink, what if someone should implement in the fpc compiler a 
16 bit String, which should work exactly as the 8bit string, which only 
can handle a 256 char long string.
As long as we can define a string as an array of char, what if we can have 
a 16bit string, as an array of word?

And also a special switch for the compiler to switch the program from 8 
bit string to 16 bit string, so that all the functions working with 
strings to accept as argument a 16 bit string.
I know, it should require lot of work to implement this function properly, 
but I think it would be an interesting approach to manage large ros of 

Of course, I'm sure, ANSIString is a good approach, it needs less memory, 
but since many systems these days are shipped with gigs of memory, it 
won't be a big load for the system to manage 16 bit strings.

Well, that only an idea :-)

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