[fpc-pascal] line numbers in valgrind output ?

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Fri Sep 8 15:06:47 CEST 2006

Leducq Dominique wrote:
> Le Vendredi 8 Septembre 2006 12:06, Peter Vreman a écrit :
>>> Le Jeudi 7 Septembre 2006 20:42, Peter Vreman a écrit :
>>>>> I can't figure out how to get source code filename & line numbers in
>>>>> Valgrind output. What is the correct flags association ?
>>>>> I tried -gv, -gv -g, -gv -gw, -gv -gl,...
>>>>> I'm using Valgrind 3.2.0 in Debian Etch GNU/linux for x86_64, Fpc
>>>> 2.4.0
>>>> valgrind for x86_64 is not tested yet with fpc.
>>> Well, I can help with testing... Perhaps I could even help with adapt the
>>> code, should someone guide me and point me to relevant doc and code.
>> For 64bit systems we are only going to support the dwarf (-gw) debuginfo
>> format. Code for that is only available in 2.1.1 in the file dbgdwarf.pas.
> As I understand it, it is not yet supported  at all ? Is there a way for me to 
> help ?

Test and help 2.1.1 fixing so we get 2.2.0 out soon. The dwarf support isn't
merged back to 2.0.4.

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