[fpc-pascal] presenting fpunit test results

Dean Zobec dezobec at tin.it
Fri Sep 8 14:31:10 CEST 2006

Graeme Geldenhuys ha scritto:
> Hi Vincent,
> Is is easy to add the list of executed tests (5 min job), but the
> missing feature I believe you are looking for is the timing results.
> Currently none of the fpcunit results contain timing values.  This is
> something I wanted to add long ago.  The GUI TestRunner does show the
> total time taken, but that is only displayed, not saved anywere.
> I will see how far I get with adding timing result today... if done, I
> will submit a patch in fpc-devel.
> Regards,
>  - Graeme -
At first sight, it seems that the methods StartTest and EndTest of the
listeners are the right place where to place the code to do the timings.
I guess the right approach would be to add an option at command line or
otherwise to add the timing result. Same for the list of the run tests.

Successive steps that are natural is the automation of fpcunit testing:
a daemon that checks some svn directories periodically to find if there
are changes in the tests, does the update, compiles the tests and
publishes the tests (as an html page or sends the results to some
registered users via  e-mail, irc or othere means). I'm investigating
how to best achieve this, I would use lnet for the networking part.

Ciao, Dean

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