[fpc-pascal] ROPS and latest FPC compiler (svn)

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Tue Oct 31 22:03:35 CET 2006

Alexandre Leclerc schrieb:
> 2006/10/31, Peter Vreman <peter at freepascal.org>:
>> At 21:08 31-10-2006, you wrote:
>> >Hi all,
>> >
>> >I'm running into strang ROPS behaviour when using the latest compiler
>> >in svn. Is there a compiler switch required for it to work ok? Using
>> >revision 3823 I have no problems.
>> >
>> >The parameters in the script when passed to actual FPC code is not
>> >working well.. this was an old bug... parameter order or I don't know
>> >what...
>> >
>> >Anyone has any clue for me?
>> That are 1300+ revisions. Try doing a binary search. That will take 11 
>> tests.
> How do a do such a thing?

Update to rev. 3823+650 e.g. something like 4500 (svn up -r 4500). Try 
with this one, if it fails try with the rev. in the middle of 3823 and 
4500. If it works with 4500, try the rev. in the middle of 4500 and 
HEAD. And so on ... with 11 of such tests you find the revision causing 
you trouble.

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