[fpc-pascal] Makefiles vs Pascal Automation

L505 fpcmail at z505.com
Sat Oct 28 22:01:11 CEST 2006

> check out the fpmake.pp and fpmake.inc file scattered all over the source
> trees; and the sources in utils/fppkg do what you describe 'TInstaller'
> TBuildEngine etc.
> We are working on a 2-stage approach:
> fpmake:
>   compile/install/zip one or more packages (loosely defined as a group of units)
> fppkg:
>   package manager like smart/yum/yast/rpm with download capacity.
> fpmake works already. fppkg is under construction.
> We'll base the 2.2 release on it, if all goes according to plan.
> Michael.

Ahh.. I thought maybe I was nuts for thinking up such a thing - and I needed verification that
developers think alike ;-)  It's too bad I spent so much time thinking about how to implement
a psuedo example it when it is already in the works.

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