[fpc-pascal] Re: Rename executable extension MAKE or FPC

L505 fpcmail at z505.com
Sat Oct 28 21:56:15 CEST 2006

> Is there any way tell FPCMAKE to rename all PROGRAMS to have a different extension?

I just had to study up on how fpcmake RULES worked by looking at other existing 
fpcmake files.. hmm fpcmake files seem to  resemble python - 8 space indentation 
for execution instructions.

For win32

all: fpc_all
        copy *$(EXEEXT) *.abc

And then remove all the exe files using rm or the dos equivilent command.

For unix.. something like

all: fpc_all
        rename $(EXEEXT) .abc *

The docs should note that execution can be done like this. I was under the impression
makefiles were config files, but really they are a scripting language with bizarre 
syntax. The docs mention tools available such as cp, upx, but no information on how 
to execute or use the tools in the fpc makefile.

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