[fpc-pascal] XSLT library

Jan Jelowicki jasj at hydra.ar.wroc.pl
Tue Oct 24 17:00:36 CEST 2006


> 	Hi,
> 	Is there a XSLT library included with FPC.  I did have a look and
> 	couldn't find anything, but thought I would ask to be sure.
I do not know, but im'm sure that other respondents know it well.
> 	Otherwise, has anybody ever use the 'libxslt' with FPC.  The app I
> 	need it for is mainly for Linux, so don't really need support for
> 	other platforms yet.  I would like to translate my fpcUnit's xml
> 	results to a html and plain text files.  Currently I can only do it
> 	via a web browser.
You can also pipe results through xsltproc filter from libxslt package,
or install other xslt engine like saxon.

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