[fpc-pascal] Problem with string conversion

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Fri Oct 20 14:25:32 CEST 2006

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho schreef:
> Hello,
> I am having a problem with string conversion from utf-8 to utf-16:
> procedure TForm1.Button6Click(Sender: TObject);
> var
>  WideText: PWideChar;
>  AText: string;
>  Size: Integer;
> begin
>  AText := 'Meu longo texto iso-8859-1';
>  Size := Utf8ToUnicode(nil, PChar(AText), 0);
>  WideText := GetMem(Size);

This should be
   WideText := GetMem(Size*2);
because you get the number of characters, and the number of bytes 2* number of 

>  Utf8ToUnicode(WideText, PChar(AText), Size);
>  FreeMem(WideText);
> end;
> When I execute this procedure above, I will get an error on the end of
> the program:

BTW: I didn't get an access violoation, probably I was just lucky.

I got one when I compiled with -gh.


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