[fpc-pascal] presenting fpunit test results

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 13:20:04 CEST 2006

On 02/10/06, Vincent Snijders <vsnijders at quicknet.nl> wrote:
> I already did that and tested that. Maybe the browser is showing you an old version?

Ah yes, it view my browser cache. Refresh fixed it. :-)

> >> The console testrunner, that I use, will insert the stylesheet
> >> information.
> >
> > I didn't want to amend mine, for in case I accidentally send it in a
> > patch. Also I needed two result output formats.
> Make it a command line parameter.

Nope I didn't want to, because then I need to re-run all my tests
again, just to get another output format.  Well, I guess I could add
and just not use it. That way I could still insert my own stylesheets
on a single test run.

Oh, here is my results for tiOPF2. I haven't enabled all tests yet.
Those are only half of them.  See the reason why I want to fix the
Test Listing nodes.  Also notice that my summary is Red, not Green,
due to the Error count > 0.



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