[fpc-pascal] presenting fpunit test results

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Mon Oct 2 12:58:05 CEST 2006

Graeme Geldenhuys schreef:
> Hi Vincent,
> Attached is my latest efforts on fpcUnit Test Reports using XSLT.
> Before, I sent you two versions of the .xsl file.  One created a
> report based on CSS only and the other one based on HTML Tables only.
> I tested both against my results (around 900 tests) and the CSS
> version was dog slow!!
> I then created from scratch a .xsl file generating HTML Tables (small
> ones) and uses a small CSS file to format (colors, fonts, etc) the
> generated HTML.  The speed is *much* better.
> Attached is a archive containing the CSS, XSL and sample results
> files.  I also included a small script file (fixup_xml.sh) which
> inserts a single line into the xml results file, to specify  the xslt
> stylesheet to use.

I like the result:

> The reason for the script file, is because I didn't what to modify
> fpcUnit to insert that line automaticaly, as I  like to generate
> different formatted results from the original xml file and need to
> insert different XSLT stylesheets for that.  For example, I generate
> two different outputs from the same results.xml file. One for HTML
> results going to my web server and the other, a plain text email,
> which gets emailed to a newsgroup showing only the summary of the
> results.

The console testrunner, that I use, will insert the stylesheet information.

> This version is much better than the ones I sent you before.  A few
> things are still missing though, but that is due to the data being
> missing in the xml results.
> * The test listings need to be grouped by test suites which will allow
> for a better summaries to be generated.

This would be my first feature request.

> * More attributes need to be added to the test listings to give
> information like: Did the test pass, fail or give a error.  This will
> allow me to link the summary test listing to the detailed results
> using the HTML version of the XSLT.
> * Ignored/Skipped tests still need support - My version of fpcUnit has
> not been patched yet.
> Enjoy, and please give me some feedback. Good or bad!

Looking forward to further improvements.


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