[fpc-pascal] Using Graph unit on Linux Ubuntu...

Tiziano_mk tizzziano at tiscali.it
Mon Oct 2 10:11:29 CEST 2006

On windows I was trying the graph unit with the old BGIDemo of Borland 
Pascal. It worked nicely, after some adaptations (fpc 2.0.2).

Now I'd like to compile the same on Linux Ubuntu, but have lot of 
problems with a link error on the following instructions.

{  Link with VGA, gl and c libraries }
{$linklib vga}
{$linklib c}

I am not a linux expert, so after installing the library "libsvga" (the 
only like "libvga" I found on the ubuntu repository) I don't understand 
what the linker wants and I'm giving up.

Some hints would be appreciated,


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