[fpc-pascal] [HTTPS]: Looking for a ssl http client

TOUZEAU DAVID david.touzeau at fr.kaspersky.com
Thu Nov 30 10:14:42 CET 2006

Yes The problem is fixed now by adding libssl.so.0 link

Lukas Gebauer a écrit :
>> Currently synpase doesn't working with ssl mode but
>> if you want to do this in linux environement LibCurl is a good way and
>> do that you want... http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/pascal/
>> The only problem that it require *.so curl files to provide into your
>> applications.. So i want to find the problem with synapse in SSL mode
>> in order to not install others librairies...
> Synapse DOES working with SSL, you just must have corretly installed 
> OpenSSL (or other supoorted SSL library), of course. ;-) As I see in 
> synalist, your problem is solved now, right?


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