[fpc-pascal] fpdoc and three packages

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 15:24:30 CET 2006

On 11/29/06, Matt Emson <memsom at interalpha.co.uk> wrote:
> Cool.. and it works with Lazarus?
> I looked at tiOPF, but went with instant objects because it had better
> Delphi 5 support.

Delphi 5 support has been removed in tiOPF version 2, but version 1 is
still available on request.  Anybody still using tiOPF v1 is highly
recommended to upgrade to tiOPF v2.

And yes it works under Lazarus, but I guess that depends on what you
mean by that. :-)
If you mean the tiOPF GUI components, then Boguslaw Brandys would be
the best person to speak to, but I think he has ported most of the
components.  I took a different route mainly because I used Kylix and
CLX before FPC, so don't use the tiOPF's GUI controls.  I use the
Model-GUI-Mediator (MGM) pattern, to make any standard GUI control
Object Aware. MGM is a combination of the Observer and Mediator design

> tiOPF is cross platform too?

Yes, tiOPF is standard Object Pascal code.  I use tiOPF under Linux
and Windows for all my projects.

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