[fpc-pascal] [HTTPS]: Looking for a ssl http client

TOUZEAU DAVID david.touzeau at fr.kaspersky.com
Mon Nov 27 23:56:40 CET 2006

Currently synpase doesn't working with ssl mode but
if you want to do this in linux environement LibCurl is a good way and 
do that you want...

The only problem that it require *.so curl files to provide into your 
So i want to find the problem with synapse in SSL mode in order to not 
install others librairies...

Rainer Stratmann a écrit :
> Am Samstag, 25. November 2006 04:09 schrieb TOUZEAU DAVID:
>> Dear
>> I'm searching examples that help me to implement on a linux system an
>> HTTP client that supporting SSL HTTPS in order to post, get and
>> downloading files with or without proxy support...
>> A kind of functions
>> in the same way of  synalist THTTPSend
>> (http://www.ararat.cz/synapse/docs/help/index.html)
>> Is there anybody that have already found this requirements ??
>> Best regards
> Hello,
> I'm searching also for internet access and Networking with unit sockets.
> For me it is relative new with Linux.
> Does that mean that you are searching for normal down and uploading files to 
> and from the internet?
> Kind regards
> Rainer


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