Re[3]: [fpc-pascal] size of "long" on different platforms

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at
Wed Nov 15 12:02:25 CET 2006

> > Why does rtl-documentation ( lack its description?
> > (it mentions 36 out of 48 base rtl units if I get it right)

Some units are difficult do document and require some qualification.

In the case of ctypes, I ran "fpdoc.exe --output=1.1 --package=rtl --input=ctypes.pp" (of course, it generates isolated bunch of html files), added between <p> and </p> in 'index.html':

This unit defines types equivalent to common types in C programs. Most names are easy to understand: they are slightly abbreviated C names with "<tt>c</tt>" or "<tt>pc</tt>" (pointer type) prefix.</p>
<p><tt><span class="code"><a href="../ctypes/cint.html">cuint</a></span></tt>, <tt><span class="code"><a href="../ctypes/cuint.html">cuint</a></span></tt> and <tt><span class="code"><a href="../ctypes/csint.html">csint</a></span></tt> types are 32-bit wide.</p>
<p>Currently (11.2006) only 3 type-definitions depend on processor architecture:
<tt><span class="code"><a href="../ctypes/clong.html">clong</a></span></tt>, <tt><span class="code"><a href="../ctypes/cslong.html">cslong</a></span></tt> and <tt><span class="code"><a href="../ctypes/culong.html">culong</a></span></tt> are either 32 or 64 bits.

And it looks acceptable (it required one glance over tiny "ctypes.pp").

The only other thing needed is providing c-names of the types in the types list ('index-3.html' file, I can write them and send the file if needed).

That's somewhat lame, but not so bad: by the way, "fpdoc" fails with unhandled exception if the file name is wrong. Is it error enough to be submitted?

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