[fpc-pascal] size of "long" on different platforms

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Tue Nov 14 22:22:23 CET 2006


the c long int type is always mapped to longint in h2pas 

but I guess this is not correct in linux (have no 64 bit to verify)

If I am correct:
linux64: c long int -> pascal int64
win64  : c long int -> pascal longint
What is the size of long on the Mac Os X platform ?

Is there a pascal integer type defined somewhere in rtl
that allows me to map to this c-type sometimes
used in api's ?

Qt4 API sample
 bool myEventFilter(void *message, long *result);

my current definition

  PLong = ^Long;
{$ifdef CPU64 and not WIN64}
   Long = Int64;
   Long = LongInt;

kind regards,

Den Jean

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