[fpc-pascal] fpcUnit todo list

dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl
Thu Nov 9 13:33:10 CET 2006

>> On 09/11/06, Florian Klaempfl <florian at freepascal.org> wrote:
>>> First, I would prefer a patch to the fpcunit which makes the unit
>>> itself
>>> indenpendend from other stuff (xml) so it can be used in the fpc
>>> test suite :)
>> The xml used is the xmlwriter unit - part of FPC.  Is this a problem?
> The problem is that the xml stuff must be built before you can run
> the testsuite with fpcunit tests included (since the fpcunit package
> depends on the xml stuff). This means that before you can start
> running the testsuite, your compiler has to be stable and complete
> enough to compile packages and fcl. That's not reasonable.

Wait a minute.... But you need a stable enough compiler to compile the
testsuite right? Hmm either you're inconsistent or you plan to test only
the RTL and compiler itself, am I right?


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