[fpc-pascal] Trying to convert some C code

Ole J. R√łtne ole.rotne at online.no
Tue Nov 7 11:42:50 CET 2006


Would any FPC guru help me converting this C code? 
(it's from bn.h/libeay32.dll)

typedef struct bignum_st BIGNUM;

struct bignum_st
  BN_ULONG *d;
  int top;
  int dmax;
  int neg;
  int flags;

char *BN_bn2hex(const BIGNUM *a);

I guess my problem is understanding pointers, and how they work.
Tried something like this (did cut some checks & stuff to make it short):

  _BnBn2Hex: TBN_bn2hex = nil;
Function InitLib:boolean;
  LibHandle := LoadLibrary('libeay32.dll');
  _BnBn2Hex := GetProcAddress( BnLibHandle, 'BN_bn2hex');
  result := true;

Ole JR

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