[fpc-pascal] Eye Candy Contest

Marc PERTRON marc.pub at finistware.com
Thu Nov 2 01:12:27 CET 2006

Neil Graham a écrit :
> I'd recommend saying fullscreen in at least 640x480, 800x600 _OR_ 
> 1024x768.
> If you are using 3d style rendering then resolution changes are not 
> much of an issue.  But if you are going for 2d and bitmap effects, 
> often the best results come
> from designing for a particular resolution.  When it comes down to it, 
> the actual numbers of the resolution are nott that important.  It's 
> how it looks that matters.
If you design for a particular resolution, then you can change the 
scale. Even a 640x480 upscaled to 1024*768 is ok to me, or a perfect 
anim in 1024*768 that is far less pretty in 640*480.
I just ask at least 3 settings ;o) (I'd to print them on some displays 
that support only one of the three)
> Maybe this'll even get me off my butt enough to tidy up my libs enough 
> for a release.
This is one of the goal of the contest... ;o)

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